How We Use Your Data

Data Privacy is understandably a big thing right now, and we feel the same. Because of this we can keep it very simple telling you how we use your data.

In a nutshell - you have nothing to worry about

We don't share your name, email, address or anything specific to you with our partner distilleries. We generalise the results so we can say things like "People in their 30s like your gin more than those in their 40s", or "Your gin goes really well with Fevertree tonic", we do not tell distilleries anything specific about you and how you rated their gin.

Even internally we identify you using a long random alphanumeric code. Obviously we will need to use your name, address and email to send you your gins and taste test links - but you probably guessed that already!


We use AgeChecked for age verification. This is part of our licensing agreement and will become common throughout the online alcohol world to protect children from harm where possible. AgeChecked are fully verified and use anonymous data checking methods to ensure that you are over-18, they also store no information about you. View their privacy policy.


Our website is built on Shopify and we use all their security measures for payments. View their privacy policy.


If you have any questions please get in touch at