Bryn's Gin

Reyt good gin - Sheffield speak meaning "Superb, of the highest quality"

This is the debut gin of Hawkins Distillery that we've been super excited to share. It was born out of 2 years of kitchen distilling as an enthusiast and when he let people try it people kept asking if they could buy some and the distillery was born.

Bryn (the Head Distiller) is exactly who we want to work with as he is all about the taste. It can be too easy to get distracted by what's on the outside of the bottle rather than what's in it.

In fact when we first spoke he said "I can make great gins, but I can't do marketing" which is why we exist - to give everyone an equal chance to showcase their gin, not just their bottle.

This gin, named after the founder, is made using vapour distillation to try and protect the flavours of the botanicals.


Juniper (obviously), coriander, cassia, black pepper, cardamon, lemon and orris root.

A Recommended Serve

The best way to drink a gin (or anything else for that matter) is however you like it. Bryn's preferred is a simple G&T with indian tonic and a slice of lemon. In his words.

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