Green Room Small Batch Dry Gin


Winner of a Bronze medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2021, this gin is made up of a blend of 14 botanicals, this is the first gin made by the Green Room Distillery.


This gin is made up of a blend of 14 botanicals, using many citrus notes such as Dried Orange, fresh Lime and Pink Grapefruit, plus Grains of Paradise, Cloves and Cinnamon

A Recommended Serve

This gin can be used as a base for an array of cocktails, but primarily it is perfect for mixing with a light tonic, garnishing with a slice of fresh orange, producing a refreshing, bold and unique G&T.

About the Distiller

Green Room Distillery was started by close friends Duncan McLean and Seb Frost, in April 2020. Both usually working as designers in theatre, all their work dried up overnight due to Covid.

Given their passion for gin, vodka and whisky, they decided to start distilling, and what began as a hobby in Duncan’s kitchen, has become a fully licensed distillery in what used to be his design studio. The servers have been replaced with Stills, and the cables with tubing. One of the few good things to come out of 2020.

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