Inventor's Gin No.1

This handcrafted small-batch Scottish gin is made from a combination of traditional botanicals and nettle, heather, smoked pink peppercorns and smoked chillies.

Using a bathtub process, the botanicals are blended and slowly infused before distillation in a traditional copper pot still.

Made in small batches of up to 50 bottles, each bottle is filled, labelled, wax sealed and individually numbered by hand.


Juniper (obviously), Coriander Seeds, Angelica Root, Orris Root, Lime, Cubebs, Nutmeg, Nettle (locally foraged), Heather (locally foraged), Chilli (home grown & home smoked), Pink Peppercorns (home smoked)

A Recommended Serve

In the spirit of the great Scottish heritage of invention and discovery - Inventor's positively encourage people to experiment with mixers and garnishes, to create their own favourite drink.

However, if you would like a starter, try - sliced strawberries and a Premium tonic or ginger beer / ale. Add a sprinkle of black pepper for extra kick.

About the Distiller

Situated on the Ayrshire coast, the Inventor's Gin Co. Ltd. is a husband & wife team drawing their inspiration from the land and sea, fused with Scotland's rich history of world changing inventions and discoveries.

Steven should have been born in the Victorian era (maybe he was was?..), there is no other explanation for his lifelong fascination with shiny brass & swooping copper pipework, or the thundering great machinery which powered the world into the industrial revolution.

Our spirit combines these opposing influences into a single, smooth 'sipping' gin...

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