How It Works

We're the gin club that's all about taste, and all about helping distilleries create delicious new gins. You'll get to discover new gins (including some which haven't been released yet) and learn exactly what gins you love on taste alone - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.

Every month you'll receive a box of five 50ml gins, each with their own sample and QR codes on the front. At this point you won't know what's inside as at this stage we believe taste is the most important thing so we want to remove branding from the equation. It's also important for distilleries so they can focus on making gins that genuinely taste good - don't worry though you will find out what you've been drinking!

Discovering Gins

Scan the QR codes on each bottle and you'll get the option to complete some taste tests (more on that later) or go straight to the reveal and discover what you've been drinking.

Money Off

You'll be asked to complete a simple online taste tests and you'll receive money off in our bottle store. For each gin you test you'll receive 50p off so if you test all five that's £2.50 a month.

How the taste test works

When your monthly box arrives we'll email you with 5 links that you can click on when you're ready to try a gin (or just scan the QR codes). You don't need to do them all one after the other as you are not directly comparing them to the other gins in that month's box. With your first box we'll send you a nosing glass that will help you maintain consistency and get the most out of the tests.

The link will guide you through the process with some simple questions. First we'll ask you to try a little bit of the gin neat (if you're comfortable with doing so) and answer a few questions on what you've experienced.

Next, we'll ask you to make a small G&T - filling the gin to the 1st line of the glass and then with your choice of tonic to the 2nd line. We'll ask you what tonic you've used and then some similar questions to when you tried the gin neat.

Once you're done with the G&T test you can do whatever you like with the remaining gin :)

Keep your own records

Each month we'll also send you 5 cards which you can keep notes on as you taste which you can keep and refer back to later. Like your own little rolodex of gin.

What if you want a full bottle?

If you really love a gin you'll be able to use the credits you've earned to get money off a full bottle. Where possible we'll even bottle gins that aren't fully released so you can buy more and own one of the first ever bottles of that gin! If that doesn't stand out of your gin shelf then we don't know what will...