Henley Oriental Spiced Gin

A complex blend of rich spices inspired by the Silk Road. Long Pepper and Cubeb combine with fiery Ginger and hint of Lemon Zest

Nothing but ice and premium tonic is needed to create the perfect serve. 


Juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, long pepper, white pepper, cubeb, ginger, cardamom, goji berry and lemon peel.

A Recommended Serve

Try a G&T, nothing but ice. The gin does the rest.

    About the Distiller

    Opened in 2021, The Henley Distillery is owned and run by 27 year old Henley-born Master Distiller, Jacob Wilson. After several years spent working for major UK distilleries, Jacob founded The Henley Distillery in partnership with his father, Alan. Located in a Grade II listed, 18th Century threshing barn on the outskirts of Henley, the distillery's two Portuguese-made, 300 litre copper alembic stills are named 'Tony' and 'Mac' in honour of Jacob's grandfathers.