We currently ship our subscription boxes around the 14th of every month. When your box has been shipped we will send you an email with the links to complete the taste tests. We ship using DHL.

After your 1st month the payment date will be adjusted to the 10th of every month. If a payment fails we will contact you but will be unable to send your box until the payment has been completed.

Cut Off Dates

  • If you register for a subscription from 1st-14th of the month we will send out your box on the 14th.
  • Registrations from 15th-21st of each month we will send your 1st box immediately.
  • Registrations from the 22nd of the month we will send your first box on the 14th of the next month. 
  • Your 2nd payment will be adjusted to be around the 6th of the month you will receive your 2nd box. From this month onward all payments will be on or around the same date.

Bottle Store

Orders for full bottles through the Bottle Store will have a delivery time of 3-5 working days. Most orders should be delivered within 3 days. We are a new, small business so will work hard to reduce the delivery timeframe. We ship all our bottles with DHL using plastic-free protective packaging.