Cuckoo Supernova Gin

Exploding with fresh grapefruit, Cuckoo Supernova Gin is the star of summer nights.

A 100% real citrus fruit Gin with no added sugar, naturally blush coloured at a punchy 44% abv. Clearly grapefruit on the nose with those lovely notes of Juniper we expect from Gin. When served with a premium Indian tonic and a glass full of ice, you’ll be hit with wonderful notes of fresh grapefruit and pomelo which blend perfectly into a crisp and ultra refreshing G & T. Enjoy with the company of friends, we’ve all earnt it.


Juniper, grapefruit (fresh, dried, oil), pomelo, coriander, angelica, liquorice, orris root, cinnamon.

A Recommended Serve

Try a G&T with a twist of grapefruit peel.

    About the Distiller

    Brindle Distillery in Lancashire was established by the Singleton family in 2016 on their family farm. Their flagship Cuckoo Signature Gin was launched in 2017 and its name is inspired by the story of the 'Brindle Cuckoo'. According to local legend, in the Middle Ages the people of Brindle tried to prevent the first cuckoo of spring from leaving their village by building a wall around its field. The plan failed, but people born and bred in Brindle are still known as 'Brindle Cuckoos'.