Ribble Valley Little Lane Gin


This signature Little Lane gin has a unique layering of rich and delicate botanicals creating an elegant dusty floral based gin, that gives a deep earthy finish. Combining blackberries, pine, nettles, meadowsweet and lime leaf with locally sourced spring water. This is a gin that is a true botanic reflection of the British countryside.


Juniper, angelica root, coriander seed, oak bark, meadowsweet, hawthorn berries, blackberry leaves, lime leaves, roman chamomile, heather and nettles

A Recommended Serve

Try it in a G&T with ice, a wheel of lime and a couple of blackberries.

    About the Distiller

    The passion behind Ribble Valley Gin Co. comes from Justine and Luke, who distill their gins in Longridge Lancashire. Their gin is lovingly created on our 83 litre column still in their stone outhouse, built in 1888 from local stone, which at one time would have housed livestock.


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