Curio Wild Coast Gin


Distilled in small batches, for exceptional quality, this gin includes hand-foraged rock sapphire from their local Cornish cliffs. This is quadruple distilled aims to capture the fresh sea and wild aromas of the Cornish coast.


Juniper, rock samphire, Kombu seaweed, coriander seed, cinnamon and star anise.

A Recommended Serve

They're so confident in their gin that they actually recommend it neat with ice and a garnish.

About the Distiller

Curious by nature, and Curio by name, William and Rubina Tyler-Street became intrigued about creating spirits that represent their Cornish home. By 2014 this curiosity had created Curio Wild Coast gin but they've not stopped giving things a go since and have produced a range of gins and rums


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