NB Gin


Distilled in North Berwick (NB), Scotland by husband and wife duo Steve and Viv Muir this delicious London dry gin uses 8 botanicals. These include coriander seeds, lemon peel and cardamom. This gin was the result of hundreds of kitchen test batches.

It was served at the Queen's 90th birthday and was in Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding album. Quite the company!


This quality gin goes with many things. If you're after a garnish go for orange but you can always give it a whirl in a martini.

A Recommended Serve

They're so confident in their gin that they actually recommend it neat with ice and a garnish.

About the Distiller

Steve and Viv started off experimenting in their kitchen with a pressure cooker (not recommended!). Once they got the hang of it they invested in a custom still made by the world's oldest still makers. They try to make their distillery a relaxing, welcome place - conveniently the ideal spot for a G&T!


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