No.1 Fairham Signature Edition


This is the Signature Edition from Lancashire distillery No.1 Fairham Gin. Released in April 2021, their Signature Edition took 12 months to perfect as Liam and Ellis, the two founders, wanted to create a gin that was more than just a juniper-forward London Dry, but still wanted it to be a ginny gin.

The botanicals and fruits used are there to enhance the juniper rather than overpowering it, creating a flavour and profile that is unique to No.1 Fairham Gin. Every step of their distilling process has a
purpose, they 100% vapour infuse their craft gin to give a smooth profile and protect the delicate botanicals from being boiled in the belly of their traditional copper pot still. Chill filtration is cut out of their distilling process so that all the natural flavours are kept in for that full-bodied profile, meaning you will have noticed a pearlescent haze to the gin when chilled or mixed with your mixer.


13 including juniper, coriander, cinnamon, pink grapefruit, lemon, clementine, guava, kumquat, kaffir lime and physalis.

A Recommended Serve

Liam and Ellis prefer to go with large juniper glass filled with lots of ice, a 50ml measure (or a pouring guesstimate!) and Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water. They say not to use garnish with their gin if you’re trying for the first time, but their Dry Lancashire Gin does pair well with a fresh slice of orange or pink grapefruit if you like to add something in with your G&T.

About the Distiller

No.1 Fairham Gin was established in 2020 by Liam Stemson and Ellis McKeown at the ages of just 24 and 25 respectively. Having begun developing the recipe using a 3L still in an outbuilding at their home address on Fairham Avenue in Penwortham, Lancashire, this gave the brand it’s name and after a vigorous 12 months of perfecting their Signature Edition, they released their first craft gin in April 2021. 

With being avid gin lovers, the pair took advantage of the 2020 lockdowns to move into the craft gin industry with the aim create a ‘proper’ gin with a modern influence. Both Liam and Ellis are involved in every process that goes into making a delicious No.1 Fairham Gin G&T, from cutting and dehydrating fruits to manning their 60ltr traditional copper still in their micro-distillery in Lancashire, their gin is truly handcrafted.

Liam and Ellis have a strong eco-friendly ethos, having partnered with the Ribble Rivers Trust with a commitment for a tree sapling to be planted in Lancashire for every 70cl bottle of No.1 Fairham Gin sold. This is in additional to delivery packaging being 100% plastic free, their Signature Edition bottle cork currently made from wood and recycled cork legs and their glass bottle being made from 10% cullet and produced via low carbon manufacturing.

Their Signature Edition is a copper pot distilled, contemporary dry gin built on a juniper-forward base and is 100% vapour infused together using exotic fruits to add unique, fresh, citrus layers. This month they have announced that they would be adding to their family with the new Ochre Edition, which again is built on a juniper-forward base, but this time uses fresh orange and clementine to compliment the juniper along with finishing notes of warming spices.


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