Isle of Bute Oaked Gin


Unlike most oaked gins, which ared aged in a barrel, this one from the Isle of Bute is distilled using aged oak from Scotch whisky barrels to extract natural flavours. It's a smooth, creamy gin with a not to Scotland's rich distilling history.


This gin is made up of a blend of Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Lemon, Orange, Oak, Vanilla, Sultanas

A Recommended Serve

It's a bit rogue but how about trying this in a Gin Hot Toddy, it may well be a great discovery as we get into winter...

About the Distiller

Isle of Bute distillery is, perhaps unsurprisingly, on the Isle of Bute. Head Distiller, Simon, claims that Bute's landscape and wild places are the driving force behind the recipes that create his small batch gins.


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