Bashall London Dry Gin

Bashall Spirits, based in Lancashire, take inspiration from two handwritten books passed down through generations in the family. One book is from 1750 and another from the mid-19th century so quite the artifacts! Within the books carries family recipes with a general theme of using local Lancashire ingredients so that is what Bashall try to do where possible.

This is a smooth juniper-forward gin with a soft sweetness and pays homage to the native woodland and hedgerow plants found in and around the beautiful Moor Piece Nature Reserve.


The is a unique recipe of 11 botanicals - including juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root, orris root, liquorice, caraway seeds, cassia bark, hazelnut, elderflowers and orange peel.

A Recommended Serve

The best way to drink a gin (or anything else for that matter) is however you like it. However, with this gin you can't go wrong with a classic G&T using a twist of orange peel to garnish.

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