Age Verification

As part of our alcohol licensing agreement, and to protect children from harm, we will use an online age verification tool to make sure we aren't selling alcohol to under-18s. Not only do we believe this is the right thing to do but we also feel this will become more of an industry standard / legal requirement over the next year or two.

The system we use to do this is AgeChecked. They are a fully verified system that integrates with our checkout process.

How It Works

For nearly all of you this age verification will happen seamlessly behind-the-scenes so you'll barely even know it's happening. AgeChecked uses verified sources such as the credit check database (it'll leave no trace) so you won't have to submit anything.

For some of you where this behind-the-scenes process does not work we will get in touch via email.

Data Privacy

Both ourselves and AgeChecked are serious about protecting your data. We do not have access to, or see, any of the data AgeChecked use to verify your age. AgeChecked do not share anything with other parties and store no data after the verification is complete. You can view their privacy policy here