One-Off Gin Discovery Box
One-Off Gin Discovery Box

One-Off Gin Discovery Box

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Our gin discovery box. You'll receive five 50ml bottles of gin and discover what they are using the most important thing - taste. You can order an optional nosing glass to help uncover flavours in the gin.

We're all about taste and therefore the bottles will be initially unbranded to make sure you can try them without branding influencing the taste. We'll tell you what you been drinking as soon as soon as you're ready or after a short online taste test - just scan the QR code and follow the instructions to find out which gins you've been discovering.

We keep refreshing what's in this box so you can discover more than once. If you want to make sure you haven't had them before you can leave a note with the purchase and we can double check :)

We are really serious about your data so please take a look at our Privacy Policy for your peace of mind. We use an automatic age verification system - you can read more about it here

These boxes come with free shipping.